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Sun Valley's Top 5 Messages of 2022

Self | Attie Murphy | 3 mins

Did you encounter confusion and struggles in 2022? Did you have questions and hope for peace? Chances are, you did, and you still do. Through the good and bad, we all need wisdom and reminders of God's plan. We all need regular renewal from God's Word. Here at Sun Valley, we grow together by applying the Bible to our lives and sharing it with others. We are a place for anyone to join us in the Gospel, online or in person. Whether you heard all of these lessons live or just discovered Sun Valley, these top five messages can help you positively shape your next year. Feel free to share this article or the YouTube links on social media or with a friend who's on your mind! 

1. What Matters Most 

Oct. 23

Lead Pastor Chad Moore shines light on our true calling; to go and make disciples. Jesus hung out with sinners of all kinds to show them His grace was free to them. When we follow His example, we reach out with love to whoever we can.


2. Ghost and Spirits 

Oct. 30

Are ghosts, demons, and angels real? As part of the "Heaven and Hell" series, Pastor Chad discusses the types of spirits in the Bible. This sermon clarifies some intriguing facts and encourages us to trust God's power over everything else.


3. Your Mind Matters 

Sep. 18

God cares about our minds, and He wants us to treat our thoughts with intention. This message highlights biblical tools to fight our mind wars with God's armor. The patterns in our brains impact every part of our lives, and change happens when we follow Jesus with our habits. Check out the full "Mind Wars" series for more wisdom to transform your thinking.


4. Hope Has a Name

Nov. 27

God's hope is unchangeable. Countless things distract us from hope, but we have one source to revive us. This message is a powerful reminder that faith in Jesus leads to restoration. No matter our fears, our Savior will uplift us when we seek strength in Him. For more messages of peace, listen to the full “Hope Has a Name” Series. 


5. Escaping Negativity 

Oct. 9

It takes prayer and attention to take our thoughts captive. Overcoming negativity doesn't mean forgetting our pain; it means looking for the good God has for us now. This message focuses on how to reframe our thinking and choose redemption. 


Thank you to all of you who watch and share! We love that we have the opportunity to help more people meet, know, and follow Jesus through these messages and beyond! 

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Attie Murphy

An avid writer since the age of 5, who loves to explore new ideas and places. Inspired by Jesus, books, and travel.

Published on Jan 21, 2023