We believe in the
power of prayer.

Need Prayer?

James 5:16 says, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


My husband's uncle recently had a major surgery, and was released to go home, where he fell and may now have internal bleeding. Please pray for healing and a swift recovery.


It looks like my mom may have breast cancer. She is seeing an oncologist on Tuesday. Please pray for her health, strength to deal with the news and treatment and peace for us all as we go through these motions.


Pray for my friend and her mom. They need financial peace and comfort. Please pray that God will fill my friends heart and soul with His peace and comfort and love that only He can provide. In Jesus’ name we pray


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison for overall protection, for strength to resist temptations and triggers to make good choices as he prepares to be released and courage to share his faith and story with others. Amen.


that God will strengthen the faith of youth of the world that knows him & that the Holy Spirit will speak through them & soften the hearts of the kids that don't want to believe in Jesus. let's pray that God will open their eyes& ears to his presence


My father is dying and suffering has been im hospice. Please pray to ease his pain and for peace in his hear and soul.


My husband is angry with God for having a mother and grandparents that said they were Christians yet they abandoned him. I want him to let the anger go.


Thank you for your prayers for Christopher, he is out of the hospital, praise God. The family is about to move in a week to a new home. After my oldest grandson, Jeffery passiaway Jan 2nd, they are ready for something good to come into their lives.


Please pray for my stepson, Grant. He has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and will have surgery March 4th. We need Hod to eradicate the cancer from his body and give him a full recovery. Thank you.


Please pray for my Uncle Glennon. He's going through a relationship challenge. Pray He will ask God to show him his part of the issue.


I need prayers for restoration in my marriage. That God will lead my husband back from a life he’s chosen to live outside of his own integrity. and connect him to his heart to return to his wife and family.


Can I pray ask for prayer request. On March 1st, I will have my second open heart surgery to replace my Mitral valve. Also, please pray for my daughter and sister traveling to AZ to be with me for my surgery. Please pray for my friend’s sister.


I have suffered with chronic fatigue for almost 10 years which has turned into depression over the last 3 years. I can't even work, stay home every day and fear my future. Please pray for healing, peace and for my faith to grow. Thank you!!!.


My Dad most likely has Parkinson's and is going in for an MRI on Monday to confirm. I want to ask for prayers for healing, guidance for him and his doctors, and peace while he goes through this as he has depression and anxety now. Thank you!


I need prayers. God knows.


Danny Perez, is in ICU on life support ,he just got cancer removed.


Please help the new families who've been visiting to continue coming to SV as their home church.


Please pray for a new Teen Director position to be filled.


Please pray for a grandma to have the desire to get better and cooperate with her therapy plan


Please pray for more volunteers in the Pre-School area at East Campus.


Please pray for God to send just the right Junior High Director to East Campus


Prayer for my friend Andrea's brother John & their family. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and there is nothing more they can do. Also my best friend Patti just lost her husband. Prayers for her & her kids & safe flight to CA so I can be there


Please pray for my eye it hurts.


Please lift my oldest son up in prayer. He’s a recovering addict and an amazing father with a 2 year old. He just got laid off from his job, which included a vehicle. Pray that he finds a job with people who will strengthen his walk with Christ.


For our friend John who is recovering fro cancer surgery. He needs physical therapy and refuses. His wife is at a loss and wants what’s best to help him regain strength.


Needing prayers for financial peace. My dad’s passing and medical and expenses is drowning me. My account is now negative a massive amount after an unexpected withdrawal for my dad. Need financial Miracle and God help. Peace and trust that God way


Please pray for my sister Griselda, who was just diagnosed with stage three cancer. The cancer started in her ovary then spread to the outside lining of her uterus, and now it’s on the outside of her her intestines.


To pray for my husband’s 9 nieces and nephews who do not understand why their favorite Uncle Jimmy passed from alcoholism.


For my daughter Alicia Blaylock first for her health she’s having a lot of asthma issues also that she finds a job that has health insurance. Her job right now does not offer health insurance. Also does not pay very much. She needs a job with health


I want to pray my toe nails would grow straight and I would never get another ingrown toe nail. I pray for healing in my body. I pray I won’t be itchy anymore or stressed out and I let go and let God. I pray I let go of control and trust the Lord.


I’m unable to get interviews for jobs. Please pray I can start getting interviews and a job before I end up on the streets.


please pray for my sons father chris. he is to have triple bypass surgery and is also suffering from diabetic ketosis. his son levi had not communicated with him since our divorce please pray that my son opens his heart to forgiveness and visits


My wife is headed into scheduled surgery in about an hour. Prayers for her and her doctor that it will be as routine as it should be. Comfort for me as well as I hate to see my loved ones go through stuff.


I would like to request a prayer on the behalf of myself for I am falling into a depression. Please pray that I will defeat this war and to mend the wounds of who it has been affected by this.


Prayers for our family friend, Mike T, he’s experiencing medical issues and tests.


im 24 I just got out of jail after 15 months,I could use prayers to overcome my obstacles and succeed in re adjusting to the free world and my battle with drug addiction which landed me there.


My friend Matt Jordan has a job interview today at 2pm. I just pray that the lord will grant him strength and resilience through this trying time. Amen.


Leukemia has gotten out of control. Started oral chemo. Please pray that side effects will be minimal and that the treatment will be effective. I have peace that God will bring healing!


Please pray for my son Andre Torrez he has pneumonia. We’re at Children’s ER


Pray for my relationship with my partner. We both are Christ believer and followers. He has a ton of anxiety and depression. Which I know first hand about that so I try to be supportive and understanding BUT… it’s a challenge for me!


Please pray over my finances during a court battle that I will not need to go into unnecessary debts over. Pray for justice of back and current child support and against the financial attack of the enemy!


Please pray for me i have pánic attacks


Heavenly Father please remove Ernie Flores from Nadine Figueroa life bring a new girl into his life so he will never have contact speak or see her for the rest of their lives


Please pray for my father-in-law, Pat Reid. He is on hospice and expected to pass within the next 48 hours. Please pray for his comfort, strength and confidence of His plan. Please pray for the entire family for their strength, grace and peace.


Prayers for family friend, Mike T, has he’s experiencing medical issues and tests.


Please pray for my oldest son. He could be facing homelessness, possibly prison time, suicidal ideation, and so much more. I pray for guidance for him and protection. I pray my other family members open their heart and help my son too.