We believe in the
power of prayer.

Need Prayer?

James 5:16 says, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


For my sister, who is struggling with depression, alcoholism, anorexia, and now signs of liver failure, to begin accepting help from someone and start to take steps toward positive changes in her life.


The county attorney will drop unlawful charges and my son and I can heal from the damage caused.


The doctor is concerned that I have b-cell lymphoma. Going to talk with the hematologist tomorrow. Praying for a miracle and peace.


I've been struggling with chronic fatigue and severe IBS. I rarely have a day that I can about my normal routine. My desire for myself and all who in the prayer group is to continue to find rest for my soul and truly make Jesus my Shepherd. Thank you


Lord help me overcome anxious thoughts that wear me down. Lord help me navigate health issues and find care wisely and make good choices. Lord I pray for good health to be around and be a good mother, wife, and friend.


To get over my emotional eating/disassociation issues.


Have stomach/Gut related issues (GERD ?) for last many days that have put my life out of gear. Kindly pray for divine healing/deliverance. May God bless you abundantly.


Please pray for my 18 year old son. He just started hanging out with a group of kids who drink a lot and do drugs. Pray for clarity, he is in the dark and not seeing how bad it really is he needs to see the light.


Please pray for my husband who is a police officer that he is safe in every situation he encounters and for officer Ryan So’s family who’s funeral is tomorrow 6/20


please pray that God will bless us with a baby. i struggle with anxiety and depression and worry about postpartum emotions


Extreme anxiety, depression, and all these medications. trial and error. i would love to be free from meds, but if i need them please pray for the right med. and for me and my husband as we are going through this tough season ♥️


My 15 year old nephew is missing. We could use all the prayers we can get, thank you


Prayers for sobriety, safety and good health for my mother. Her health continues to deteriorate the more she uses, and our family is greatly affected.


I hope seeing that post was a sign of a new beginning for my husband a new good paying job is what he needs right now.


I need prayer I don't know how to let go of my tears I'm hurt and I fill like nothing working I need an animal but can't afford cos a dog is 500 and a kitten is well over 150 cos I have to get everything intitile for it


My uncle Jim is going under for a skin graft surgery in 30 minutes. Please pray for protection and a quick recovery!


My good buddy’s mom was diagnosed with ALS and the prognosis isn’t good. Asking for healing and/or peace for the family.


On Friday my husband Scott will start a very intense IV Therapy to heal his Lyme Disease, Lead Poisoning another health issue. These have put him at risk for ALS. We pray it is part of God’s plan for healing or at least stop the symptoms.


Please pray for my marriage and financial issues which are leading to me having health issues from all of it which are stress and anxiety and depression.


Please pray for our son Nathan first time being hospitalized for his rare dx and muscle pain, found his CK levels are extremely high. Prayers for IVs to flush out his system and his muscle tissue is not damaged. Prayers Hod to continue to hold us up!


Pray for Kim, Isabel & Angel. Kim had given her life to the Lord but not in relationship with Savior, so her & her kids experiencing spiritual warfare. Isabel has not slept for 2 nights & Angel in that place now. Pray 4 courage & breakthrough. Thx!


Hi! My wife Rachel and I are going through our first round of IVF next week and we would be so grateful for any prayers. We have been on this journey to start our family for a while now and we know God has a plan for us and our hearts are ready!


I am 37 and going through both a difficult Covid, anemia, and swollen lymph nodes. I’m struggling with the fear that comes from dealing with medical issues and wish I had more peace and faith in God, but my knees are knocking in fear.


Rosie Eich’s mom fell and hit her head causing brain bleeding and leading to other medical issues. Please pray for her mom (Soledad) that she is healed and please pray for the family.


My son Erik is having a lot of nerve pain. In he’s neck, arms and hands. This is keeping him from being able to get to work. Also he’s girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and the baby is on her Sciatic nerve. They need physical and spiritual prayer.


From 6-15-2024 - We need immediate prayer for my 11 year old granddaughter has had major surgery on Friday Re-Admitted tonight for compilations Really like everyone to pray as very serious We attend the Ray Rd sanctuary Thanks


Please pray for my son Robert for protection, strength, guidance and peace.


Found my husband trying to schedule a sexual encounter with not only his x girlfriend but her fiancé as well. Please pray for his moral compass to refocus and for me to forgive him. I need prayers to remove this anger, heartbreak and devastation


I need prayers while I am on this journey of finding faith and trusting the Lord and his plan for me.


Please pray for me , in a great need of peace and a break from a deep wave of depression.


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. Please pray with me for the fathers who are incarcerated. Holidays are very difficult for them. Especially this one. Attempted suicide is common. Praying for their salvation, restoration, and reformation.


Prayers for my family, my son, and my marriage. For overall protection from sabotage, for strength to get the help we need and guidance for me to know what to decide and do next.


Continued prayers for our pregnancy with baby boy who most likely has a genetic condition causing multiple issues. We will have a diagnosis when he is born in 3 weeks. Prayers for a miracle and divine healing over his precious little body. 💙


I don’t why it happened but I’m just glad we were not hurt in the accident. Lord only you know my path and I’m struggling to be ok with what you have planned for me.


Please pray for my sister and her husband- Steph and Zach. They lost their baby at 32 weeks and she has to deliver him this weekend. Praying for peace and guidance.


my husband and i are joining your church tomorrow, father’s day. we have been dealing with a lot in our lives and need some guidance. thank you for considering.