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THEVLLY - Behind the Song "I Want You Jesus"

Self | Attie Murphy | 6 mins

At Sun Valley, we believe our mission is to help people meet, know and follow Jesus and our method is to Love God and Love People. How we do that takes on various forms in different parts of our ministry. One area that connects people of all ages and walks of life is worship. Music is a beautiful way to shout the name of God and let go of worldly distractions. Whether through singing, playing an instrument, or writing lyrics, music is not only an outlet for expression but a way to let God in.

Many parts of the Bible talk about music and feature lyrical poetry, which shows it is a language that speaks to and from our souls. The fact that music influences so many of us profoundly means it is a valuable part of ministry. Worship brings congregations together and songs about Jesus reach the ears of people who have never entered a church. Our worship team, also known as THEVLLY, is a group of passionate Jesus-followers who put their hearts into the music they create. It's all for the glory of God, and you can see that in their lyrics and the way they lead people to embrace His presence. It’s not about the show; it’s about shining the light of Jesus.

Here’s a little glimpse into how THEVLLY follows God’s lead to collaborate creatively with each other, from Brandon Fuller, Worship Director at Sun Valley:

"The inspiration for this song came right around the fall/winter of 2020. Like anyone, I was battling some mental and emotional challenges that the year had brought. And in tandem with that, I was navigating what it looked like to be a new parent. I found myself feeling full of anxiety, becoming easily frustrated, and feeling distant from Jesus. I remember vividly a moment when the line “I want you, Jesus, I just want you Jesus” came flooding into my head. I started thinking about how I had allowed myself to drift in my relationship with Jesus. I allowed my eyes to be focused on my circumstances, and I was not intentionally setting aside the time to spend meaningful moments walking in step with Him. I needed a refocus. Very quickly, I did my best to begin working this line out into song form and soon had the chorus landed with a chord progression and melody in a voice memo.

In January of 2021, Our team headed up to Flagstaff to get away for a writing retreat. For three days, we were locked inside a cabin in the midst of a snow storm. It was somehow the perfect way to isolate myself from the realities that I was facing and offered a healthy moment for me to feel a tangible connection to the Holy Spirit.

“The way it came to life so simply just felt so real and authentic and meant to be. We spent some time singing and worshiping with the song together, feeling filled up and inspired. We all knew it was going to have a great impact on our church.”

On one of the days we were at the writing retreat, Jake Hinze, Mike Goodrick, and I sat around an acoustic guitar and a piano where I presented this chorus idea to them. They both were inspired by the idea, and within moments the three of us began working through piecing the song together. It was a moment that the three of us will never forget. The way it came to life so simply just felt so real and authentic and meant to be. We spent some time singing and worshiping with the song together, feeling filled up and inspired. We all knew it was going to have a great impact on our church.

For me, leading this song to our congregation is an incredible experience. I am so encouraged by the way our church leans into the words. I think for all of us, it is such a powerful reminder to keep ourselves centered on our relationship with Jesus and not allow things to become idols before Him. There is also so much power in surrendering ourselves before Him and asking the Holy Spirit to break our walls down. Jesus doesn't just ask for a piece of our heart, He asks for all of it, and I believe through this song, our church receives that message clearly."

You can listen to "I Want You Jesus" and other inspiring songs by THEVLLY on these popular platforms:

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You can also see THEVLLY’s live tour schedule here!

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Attie Murphy

Written Content Coordinator at Sun Valley Community Church. An avid writer since the age of 5, who loves to explore new ideas and places. Inspired by Jesus, books, and travel.

Published on Jul 28, 2022