(Updated 6/26/20)

Here are a few things to know:
Engage with us daily.
Get a daily devotional video sent directly to you each morning, Monday through Friday, from different leaders in our church. Click here to sign up.
Join us for MDWK Prayer + Worship on July 1.
If you’ve been wanting to give back at this time and don’t know how, this is a great way to do that. Join the entire church on Wednesday night to pray for one another, to lift each other up and ask for prayer where you need as well. This will be the only online prayer night for the month of July so we hope to see you at 7 pm on July 1 at
These next two weekends are going to be something special!
This weekend we are talking about spiritual health and may just be the most important week of the entire series, and we also will receive communion, so please come prepared for that! Also, the weekend of July 4/5 I am interviewing, Hall of Fame NFL star, Brian Urlacher on physical health. Be sure to join us!
Watch online at
Saturday | 4 & 530P
Sunday | 9, 1030, 1159A & 7P
Monday | 7P
Weekly Kids and Students Services Online.
Our Kids and Students ministry teams are hard at work each week preparing and sharing weekly content and services online. You can find all of that and more at and on YouTube at Sun Valley Kids and Sun Valley Students.
If you need help at this time or can give help please let us know by going to
Remember, We are NOT closed. We are still gathering online every weekend and I would love to have you with us as we worship together.

Pray for unity.

Would you continue to pray for our church to be unified as we manage the tension of all the needs, wants, and desires of those impacted by these decisions?


I’ll update you again the week of July 6, love you all.