We believe in the
power of prayer.

Need Prayer?

James 5:16 says, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


Please pray for my niece Monica who was just diagnosed with acute leukemia. She is a single mother to two beautiful young adults. Monica and the kids lost their husband/dad 7 years ago. She is the only parent they have and she is their rock.


Please pray for my family as we encounter a financial hardship. I have hope God will provide my spouse with a new, more fitting job in the upcoming weeks so our stress can be relieved


I kneel and Pray for Israel , my family and myself Bless Israel and Pray for Shalom peace and joy to all in Israel. Amen Praise The Lord Wisdom , Deliverance from Balance debts to be crushed soonest under the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ miracu


Knee replacement 2/29/24. Very painful today But the Lord has it under his control!


Please pray for my dad, Merle Lewis, . He went in for back surgery 10 days ago and it’s been one crisis after another. Please pray for healing and peace. Thank you.


Today is my open heart surgery, please pray for good out comes. Thank you


Praise Ryan still pursuing recovery from years of substance abuse. Needs release from shame and anger at himself.


George 17 is feeling suicidal and has a very difficult family situation.


Storming is in hospice and does not have very long. Strength and peace for her and her family and friends.


Lacey diagnosed with cancer. Doing ok but needs healing.


Diane S. Suffering migraines


Pray for Joe going through chemo. Needs strength and healing. Also his family as they care for him.


Pray for My relationships. Years of running back and forth away from God and to Him have damaged all my relationships. I kept trying, in my own power, to do good (better?). God the ultimate healer knows what needs to happen but I really don’t.


Iam 39 with 2 kids and separating from my husband of 17 years. I have never really been on my own and have always relied on him. Please pray for guidance, help financially, sadness, the unknown, the tiredness, and that I made the right decision.


Let's pray for my wife. Let's pray for our marriage. Let's pray for our health, and wisdom.


For our son Corey, has been working from home for approx 6 mons. They got email today from their boss that due to slow volume & things have been slow for auto adjusters for auto repairs, they will have to lay off some folks. We pray NOT COREY.


Please pray for my husband. He has been faced with a stronghold & a really hard situation at work that is really testing His ability to trust God & he is having major fear about letting go of control so God can lead him. 💔


Please pray for healing and bearable pain for my shoulder surgery yesterday. Also for my family for peace as they watch me recover and need more help doing things. Thank you.


Hello Church Family, I could use some prayer right now as I am starting a new business venture and struggling financially to get things up and running. I sure would appreciate some prayer and some ideas to get things back on track. Prayerfully


Church family, Please pray for Ryan H. and his family. He was hit by a car on his E-bike 3 weeks ago and is having another surgery tomorrow. One to replace the part of his skull removed and one to place a G-tube.🙏


Please pray for my eye it hurts.


Please pray for my friend Maria! She had a stroke at work today. She is currently in the ICU at Banner Gateway. Please pray for protection over her brain and her recovery. Please also pray for her son Isaac. He is only nine years old. Thank you ❤️


Please pray for my niece Kim as she's very depressed and seems to have given up. She needs healing in her body and mind. Thank you.


Praying for healing. I struggle with major anxiety disorder. Currently going through relationship uncertainty with a partner who also suffers from mental health illness. My mother's cancer has returned. Feeling very afraid and unwell.


Pray for a speedy recovery for Lori who had shoulder surgery. She works with children with disabilities and needs wisdom with her situation in the classroom. Also pray for her family as they just had to put their dog down.


Pray for Gayle is feels very lost. She was a visitor to the church.


Pray for Angelika's brother who is in the hospital. Javier.


Praise for Christina's new job, pray for her and her families adjustment.


Pray for Novella's family


Praying for a straight forward yes or no from God regarding taking an exam for nursing school. My test anxiety is really bad and I’m unsure of what to do. Prayers desperately needed. Also, dealing with a health issue praying for answers on Wednesday.


For my relationships with spouse and friends. Courage to share my story about Jesus to others. No fear of rejection.


Friend Joe chemo does it’s job and little to no side effects


Friend Jack. Pray for solutions to his nerve disorders.


Friend Rosemary pray for reduced side effects from chemo.


Friend David had medical device put in his back. Need quick and complete healing.


Please pray for ‘little bo’ Boden Floyd Lenard. He was born 11 weeks premature and after a few weeks of life has taken a turn for the worse. Doctors can’t figure it out why and are still running test. Please keep little bo in your prayers tonight.


Please pray for our son Nathan and for my husband and I. We have some important Appts coming up and hoping for a positive outcome for him. Prayers for Jesus to continue to have his hands on us and specifically on Nathan’s spirits!


My husband's uncle recently had a major surgery, and was released to go home, where he fell and may now have internal bleeding. Please pray for healing and a swift recovery.


It looks like my mom may have breast cancer. She is seeing an oncologist on Tuesday. Please pray for her health, strength to deal with the news and treatment and peace for us all as we go through these motions.


Pray for my friend and her mom. They need financial peace and comfort. Please pray that God will fill my friends heart and soul with His peace and comfort and love that only He can provide. In Jesus’ name we pray


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison for overall protection, for strength to resist temptations and triggers to make good choices as he prepares to be released and courage to share his faith and story with others. Amen.


that God will strengthen the faith of youth of the world that knows him & that the Holy Spirit will speak through them & soften the hearts of the kids that don't want to believe in Jesus. let's pray that God will open their eyes& ears to his presence


My father is dying and suffering has been im hospice. Please pray to ease his pain and for peace in his hear and soul.


My husband is angry with God for having a mother and grandparents that said they were Christians yet they abandoned him. I want him to let the anger go.


Thank you for your prayers for Christopher, he is out of the hospital, praise God. The family is about to move in a week to a new home. After my oldest grandson, Jeffery passiaway Jan 2nd, they are ready for something good to come into their lives.


Please pray for my stepson, Grant. He has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and will have surgery March 4th. We need Hod to eradicate the cancer from his body and give him a full recovery. Thank you.


Please pray for my Uncle Glennon. He's going through a relationship challenge. Pray He will ask God to show him his part of the issue.


I need prayers for restoration in my marriage. That God will lead my husband back from a life he’s chosen to live outside of his own integrity. and connect him to his heart to return to his wife and family.


Can I pray ask for prayer request. On March 1st, I will have my second open heart surgery to replace my Mitral valve. Also, please pray for my daughter and sister traveling to AZ to be with me for my surgery. Please pray for my friend’s sister.


I have suffered with chronic fatigue for almost 10 years which has turned into depression over the last 3 years. I can't even work, stay home every day and fear my future. Please pray for healing, peace and for my faith to grow. Thank you!!!.


My Dad most likely has Parkinson's and is going in for an MRI on Monday to confirm. I want to ask for prayers for healing, guidance for him and his doctors, and peace while he goes through this as he has depression and anxety now. Thank you!


I need prayers. God knows.


Danny Perez, is in ICU on life support ,he just got cancer removed.