Womens | Hirst

Casa Grande Campus

Precept Bible studies are designed to help God's people grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus through the inductive study method whereby we observe God's Word carefully, interpret the Scriptures prayerfully, using the Bible to help us interpret accurately, and finally putting feet to our faith through joyful application of what we have studied. Our class is a safe place to come ask questions, share insights from the pages of the study and be encouraged by one another and by the video that we use each week. Diligent study of the Bible, along with warm fellowship will enable each of us to take steps toward spiritual maturity and equip us to help others to meet, know and follow Jesus. Please join us this fall for a 26 week adventure through the book of Hebrews. You will be challenged and stretched, and grown! Class begins Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 10 a.m. in the student room. Workbooks are $24 and we do offer scholarships to those who need them.

Carol Hirst

Weekly: Wednesday at 10:00 AM

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