How can we discern what truth is? Throughout this series, we'll get into why we can believe the Gospel is God's Word. The evidence of Jesus’ resurrection gives us a firm foundation as we examine the paths and philosophies that the world offers.

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What does it mean to have faith? Teaching Pastor Robert Watson talks about atheism and the faith it requires.

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Lead Pastor Chad Moore examines the differences between Mormon beliefs and Christianity.

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Guest speaker Megan Fate Marshman discusses the varying viewpoints on work-based grace.

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Lead Pastor Chad Moore investigates the different paths of "self-powered" enlightenment and how they differ from God's calling.


Sun Valley Community Church

Is our value in rules or redemption? Lead Pastor Chad Moore talks about Islam, the Bible, and God's intention for our freedom.

Coming 5/22

Sun Valley Community Church

Are you following Jesus or "churchy" culture? Lead Pastor Chad Moore addresses the dangers of living for religion instead of God.

Coming 5/29

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We are one church that meets in multiple locations with the mission of "Helping People Meet, Know, and Follow Jesus."

We believe that everybody matters to God. No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what has been done to you – God loves you just as you are, not as you should be. God has demonstrated this love by meeting us right where we are through the person of Jesus and by giving His life on the cross to pay the debt of sin that we couldn’t pay ourselves. When we couldn’t work our way to God, God worked His way to us through the person of Jesus. This is great news for all of us!