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Your Next Step

From the moment we give our lives to Jesus, we step into an exciting adventure of loving God, loving people, and becoming more like Jesus along the way. Take the Next Step in your faith today! Whether that’s baptism, joining a group, or serving others, there is a place for you to continue this adventure.

A next step for everyone.

Attend a Service

Join us this weekend for church! We believe that no matter who you are, what you have done, or what has been done to you, God loves you and... Find A Location

I Said Yes

Your decision to say YES to receiving God’s gift of love is something to celebrate. And it’s just the beginning. We’d love to hear from you... Learn More

Get Baptized

There is nothing worth celebrating more than new life with Jesus! While baptism doesn’t save you, it does show the world you have been save... Learn More

Daily Devotional

Go deeper in your relationship with God by spending time in His word! Sign up to receive daily devotionals sent straight to your inbox from... Subscribe Now

Join a Community

Small groups provide a welcoming place where people can connect and grow. Share a meal, stories, life, and a laugh (or two). Join a small g... Join A Group

Serve Others

Live like Jesus through serving. There are a variety of ways to be a part of the team! From Sunday experiences, to community and global out... Find An Opportunity