SV Missions

Partnering With Churches Worldwide
to Help People Meet, Know, & Follow Jesus!
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SV Missions is about people who are willing
to make themselves available to “Go” where God may lead them to make a difference in their world.
Sun Valley believes that God loves the world, and that we should show that love. SV Missions is not a program, it is a movement.
It is a partnership of Sun Valley with 20 ministry partners in 12 countries on 5 continents.
SV Missions is you, and it is an opportunity to embrace your adventure.

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Invest in the Lives of Others

The goal of following Jesus is not to just experience life change personally, but to also be a part of helping others experience that life change in their lives as well. That is what it means to live life missionally: ‘I invest in the lives of others because someone invested in me!’

At Sun Valley, we desire to have Local, Domestic and International impact. We consider it a privilege to be on mission with Jesus and for Jesus. Whether that mission takes us across the street, across the nation, or across the world, we know that we are changing lives by spreading the word of God.

Three Focus Areas will Accomplish Our Goals


The best way to change a community is to have a church there reaching out to the people in that community.


The reason that most churches struggle is poor leadership. SV Missions works to invest in tomorrow’s leaders to help them increase effectiveness today.


The best way to start a new church in a community is to find a need in that community and then find a way to meet it. It shows people that you love them and in turn increases their willingness to hear what we have to say.


The best reason to go on a Short Term Trip?
Your life will never be the same!
Serving Locally

Local Outreach is a way for you to serve in our community, ministering to Jesus as you minister to others. There are three types of opportunities around the community that you can engage in:

• Weekend Service
• Local Community
• Community

Weekend Service Opportunities allow you to serve our community on campus during our normal weekend services. Each month we offer an opportunity to serve in Second Sunday, an on site collection opportunity for pantry and hygiene items for families in need right here in your community.

Local Community Projects facilitate on-going service opportunities that meet tangible community needs. Some Local Community Impact Projects are I-HELP, Habitat for Humanity, Foster Care, Paz De Cristo, Serve our Neighbor, Project Connect, Streetlight, and Open Arms.

In the Community opportunities are family friendly and instill a sense of community as you make impacts on the community in which you live. With opportunities occurring at varying times and on varying dates, you and your family will be able to find a serving opportunity that works with your time and utilizes your unique strengths to for maximum impact.


The Sun Never Sets on what God is doing
through the Ministry of SV Missions
Serving Globally

At Sun Valley we recognize that we are part of a larger world and we have a responsibility to take action in accordance to God’s word in a call for life change that impacts not just our own lives but lives around the world and for generations to follow.

We offer exciting opportunities throughout the year allowing you to engage in the process of missional living that takes you around the world to experience what God is doing in the lives of others.

We connect strategically and synergistically with world wide partnerships for maximum kingdom impact. We focus on three signature passions:

• Church planting
• Leadership development
• Social justice

Our goal is to find partners that have the same synergy within these passions.

Mission trips give you an exciting chance to travel to new locations, find adventure outside of the comforts of your own understanding and experience an exciting free fall of faith as you “Go” to create new followers of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 28 demonstrates the “Go” portion of who we are as a church. Our desire is for you to live lives of impact and we are here to guide you as you do.

Join us as we make a difference around the world! Be a part of helping new churches begin, see leaders developed and be a person who stands in the gap for an exploited child!

This is the place to find out how to make an impact in your world! Whether you are looking for a place to get help on sharing your faith, or a place to get more information about getting involved locally, regionally or globally. Take the first step today and contact us.


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You will never be the same!
2018 Opportunities
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