Host Central is a place where you can find all the resources you will need to successfully launch and host your small group. Your role as a host has three simple parts: invite, prepare, and discuss.

You may have questions or concerns about hosting a small group. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by small group hosts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Step 1 – INVITE People

Your first step is to invite others to join your group. There are two parts to inviting: who and how.

WHO: The most impactful invitations will be the ones offered to those you already have relationship with. Think about friends, co-workers, neighbors, nearby family members, other parents involved in your kids’ activities, etc.

HOW: Don’t overthink this! Something as simple as “I get together with some other people each week to eat, laugh, and talk about life and faith. I’d love for you to join us sometime!”

Though you have the option of having your group listed on, the best and most effective way to grow your small group is through your personal invitation.

Step 2 – PREPARE for Guests

Each week you will prepare for your guests by setting the environment and reviewing the group materials.

Download Preparation Resources:

1st Meeting
Child Care
Welcome Email

Group Leader Resources:

Leader Log-in
Breathing Room Host Training Resource
Breathing Room Host Guide
Breathing Room Participant Guide

Step 3 – DISCUSS as a Group

Finally, you will facilitate a discussion with your group members after they watch our weekly video series. Each week, our video co-host will kick off the discussion with a message overview and starter question. The video series will also help keep your group in the know about what’s coming up at Sun Valley.

Small Group Resources: Breathing Room


Download & View Group Resources
Week 1Host GuideParticipant Guide
Week 2Host GuideParticipant Guide
Week 3Host GuideParticipant Guide
Week 4Host GuideParticipant Guide
Week 5Host GuideParticipant Guide
Week 6Host GuideParticipant Guide
Week 7Host GuideParticipant Guide
Weel 8Host GuideParticipant Guide

Small Group Resources: Unafraid

See videos and notes below.

Download & View Group Resources
Week 1 - Unafraid to JumpVideoGroup Notes
Week 2 -Unafraid to MoveVideoGroup Notes
Week 3 -Unafraid to FightVideoGroup Notes
Week 4 -Unafraid to FollowVideoGroup Notes
Week 5 -Unafraid to ResistVideoGroup Notes
Week 6 -Unafraid to LoveVideoGroup Notes

How to Access the Teaching Videos:

1. Click on the video link and connect your laptop to your TV.
2. Go to the YouTube app on your smart TV or streaming device and search “Sun Valley Community Church Channel” and you will see it on the list of options. The videos are listed by week.
3. Watch the video through the Sun Valley app by clicking on the SV Groups icon at the bottom right and then select Small Group Videos.

GET Support

We will be here with you every step of the way. If you feel you need any additional resources or help, please use the links below for your campus contact. Again, thank you for being a host!

Casa Grande
East Mesa
Queen Creek