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We're always looking for talented musicians to add to our team.

SV Music is accepting all auditions via video submissions. We will review your videos and email you back within 72 hours after you have submitted your application for your next step. If you play multiple instruments and want to audition with them all, we ask that you’d please submit videos for each instrument. 

Here's how to submit your audition video.

Step 1. Find your appropriate instrument below to find the piece we'd like you to audition with. 
Step 2. Make sure that your video audition is not pre-produced or a music video. We want to see the real you – no pitch or time correction of any kind!
Step 3. Please introduce yourself and what you are auditioning for within the video.
Step 4. You can submit your video in the application below.




Elevation Worship

King of my heart

John Mark McMillan

Guitar & Bass

Lion and the Lamb

Leeland Mooring/Bethel Music

King of My Heart

John Mark McMillan


Glorious Day


King of My Heart

John Mark McMillan


Always First

(Female Melody, Male Harmony)

CCV Music

Good Good Father

(Male Melody, Female Harmony)