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SV Missions is about people who are willing to make themselves available to “Go” where God may lead them to make a difference in their world. Sun Valley believes that God loves the world, and that we should show that love.

SV Missions is not a program, it is a movement. It is a partnership of Sun Valley with 20 ministry partners in 12 countries on 5 continents. SV Missions is you, and it is an opportunity to embrace your adventure.

Invest in the Lives of Others

The goal of following Jesus is not to just experience life change personally, but to also be a part of helping others experience that life change in their lives as well. That is what it means to live life missionally: ‘I invest in the lives of others because someone invested in me!’

At Sun Valley, we desire to have Local, Domestic and International impact. We consider it a privilege to be on mission with Jesus and for Jesus. Whether that mission takes us across the street, across the nation, or across the world, we know that we are changing lives by spreading the word of God.

What’s the best reason to go on a Short Term Trip?

Your life will never be the same!

We offer exciting opportunities throughout the year allowing you to engage in the process of missional living that takes you around the world to experience what God is doing in the lives of others.

Mission trips give you an exciting chance to travel to new locations, find adventure outside of the comforts of your own understanding and experience an exciting free fall of faith as you “Go” to create new followers of Jesus Christ.

2018 Trips:


South Africa


Rocky Point


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