New to Christianity

We realize that starting a new relationship with Jesus is in some ways exciting and in other ways overwhelming. Our commitment to you is that we want to walk along side you as you start growing in this new relationship.

There are three connections we believe will nurture your relationship with Christ...
1) Connecting with God through Reading the Bible: The Bible is the best "User's Guide" to how to grow in your relationship with Jesus. We have a copy of One Minute Bible for Starters for you that you can pick up at Guest Services during the weekend services. This book will help you become familiar with the Bible as well as help you gain some understanding to some of the basics of living in relationship with Jesus.

2) Connecting with other Christians through Small Groups: At Sun Valley, we live life in Groups. Everyone needs someone to walk through life with, and this is especially true when you first give your life to Christ. We have a great opportunity through "Foundations" to connect you with a group of others that either have questions about faith, or recently have made a decision to follow Jesus.

3) Connecting with your story: Baptism is a public way we share with others the change that Jesus has made on the inside. At Sun Valley, baptism is a massive celebration because it is the best picture we have as a church of celebrating what Life-change looks like. 

Take a step and share with others about the change Jesus has made in your life by being a part of our next baptism weekend.