An outward expression of an inward decision.

Baptisms at Sun Valley
Baptism is a huge celebration at Sun Valley. We love to celebrate life change, and baptisms are one of the greatest pictures of transformation. Jesus modeled baptism and commands us to be baptized when we make the decision to say YES to following Him. When we put our trust in Jesus and receive the gift of a restored relationship with God, we celebrate it with the picture of baptism.
As we get into the water that is a picture of the old us, separated from God by our sin. When we are baptized, it symbolizes our association with the death and resurrection of Jesus. The "old us" is dead and buried. The "new us" is raised with Jesus and we now live by faith in Him as our Lord and Savior.

If you ever have a chance to be a part of a baptism service at Sun Valley we like to get a little rowdy and cheer loud for those being baptized because there is nothing worth celebrating more than new life with Jesus! If you have said YES to following Jesus and haven’t been baptized, join us at our next baptism celebration!

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Our next Baptism Celebration is July 28/29. If you have said "yes" to Jesus, we'd like to invite you to take your next step by getting baptized. Online registration will be closed Saturday, May 5, but you can still sign up on the patio that weekend!

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